Project 365 – Week 16

Day 108 | April 18, Fri – I’m actually not sure if I took this one or Homer did. If I did, it was an accident. But this is the view of Homer’s bedroom wall as you lie in his bed. Hmm.. that’s kind of spooky, actually!! Good thing he doesn’t scare easily!

Day 109 | April 19, Sat – Wearing his cape, being a superhero! Or maybe a super villain, I’m not sure.

Day 110 | April 20, Sun – Just eating dinner, shirtless. I love that Skylander sitting next to him, pointing at him. That’s Bouncer, and he’s pretty much the happiest Skylander. Whenever he fights enemies, he just zooms around firing at them from his fingers, laughing. Maybe that’s makes him more of a sociopath or something, but honestly, his laughter is contagious, and I think it’s cool he’s having a good time. Especially if I’m feeling frustrated with the game. I just say, hey, he’s having a good time, I should be too! Inspiration and joy can come from strange places, is what I’m saying.

Day 111 | April 21, Mon – Easter Egg Hunt!! I love egg hunts. It’s so fun watching the kids run around so excited, seeing what’s inside. Adorable!

Day 112 | April 22, Tues – Okay, here was yet ANOTHER day when I suddenly realized I’d forgotten to take a pic of the day, and took one of Ashton in my lap…

It’s not even a good photo, so here’s an extra one from another day. Look how cute he is enjoying his chocolate Easter bunny!! To me, it wasn’t Easter until I had a chocolate bunny. That’s kind of always been true for me. Homer is more of a jelly bean man, really, but he obviously wasn’t turning this bunny down!

Day 113 | April 23, Wed – Sniffing flowers together

Day 114 | April 24, Thurs – Dude. These are the med charts I had to make to keep track of Ashton and Tails’s new medicines and supplements after our recent vet visit. Ashton was positive for giardia so needed meds for that. Tails needs glucosamine now. And Ashton needs ear cleaning and ear medicine. Oy! Isn’t it enough trying to keep track of all the daily human medicines in this house? Apparently not. Whew. At least Ashton’s meds are temporary! And charts do totally help!!

Okay, that’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

= = = = = = =

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