Project 365 – Week 15

Day 101 | April 11, Fri – Spring, Spring, blooming Spring… I love this season!!

Day 102 | April 12, Sat – Today, Ashton’s cousin, Tank, came over. (They are cousins, because Tank is my brother and SIL’s dog. 😉 ) Here they are sharing a fine stick. This is probably the only non-blurry pic I got of them, as they played hard most of the day!

Day 103 | April 13, Sun – Dog Park!! Here’s Uncle Garth (my brother) and Homer watching the pack of dogs surrounding this lady. I think Tank is in there somewhere, and Ash was off doing his own thing.

Day 104 | April 14, Mon – Sunny day means time to drive the Mario Kart outside!! Here Homer is racing around the tennis/basketball court.

Day 105 | April 15, Tues – Nolan and Homer playing piano, flashing their beautiful smiles

Day 106 | April 16, Wed – Library day! Why not? We got some cool books, but not before Homer got on the computer and wore the panda headphones he likes so much.

Day 107 | April 17, Thurs – Double double rainbow all acroossss the sky… ooooh, ooh ooh ooh… Seriously this was really cool. I wish I’d gotten a better angle of the double rainbow aspect, but wow, so beautiful. I love rainbows!!!

And that’s a wrap for now! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

= = = = = = =

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