A Day in the Life – March 4, 2014

The day started with me completely forgetting I was going to do this project then suddenly remembering. So, here’s me, all ready for the day.

While Joe showered and Homer slooowwwllly woke up, I got breakfast for the kitty and popped waffles in the toaster for myself and Homer, and gathered our clothes to put on.

I just realized that collage makes it look like we’re eating socks for breakfast. Oh well!

All dressed and out the door, ready to get in the car, waffle in hand.

Typical rainy day. But much warmer than usual, so it is definitely starting to feel like Spring!!

Dropping Daddy off at work.. Bye Daddy!!

Next, errands!! First we drove to an apartment complex I wanted to check out for apartment hunting, but when I got there, I remembered we’d driven past it before and thought it was a terrible location and were not interested. Oh well. Then I drove to the wrong place to get my license (the Auto Licensing place that does not, in fact, give drivers’ licenses, oops!), then I drove to the right place!

Washington Department of Licensing! The woman behind the counter was very sweet and helpful and told me when she handed me my now punch-holed California license, and my paperwork, “All right, you’re now registered to vote in the state of Washington, you’re an organ donor, and you are an official Washingtonian! Welcome to Washington!” Why, thank you, driver licensing lady!! I guess it really is official now. I have a temporary license now, and the hard copy will come in the mail.

The only pics I took there were of my actual temporary and past licenses, and only afterward did I realize that’s not something I want to post on the internet! So, moving on…

Lunch at Chipotle with my boy!

Then across the parking lot to Whole Foods for a few items. Of course, we had to play with the toys, too! Homer is swinging a fuzzy snake bracelet back and forth so fast you can’t even see it. I just like how this pic turned out!

Next up, visiting Tank at Garth and Cinnamon’s house! Right as we arrived, my phone died, so I couldn’t take any phone pics, and relied on my Canon. We took Tank for a little potty break walk, then played and played. So much fun!!

Before we leave, time for a diaper change for Homer!

And then my Canon’s batteries died. I’m notorious for having batteries die and not having backups, so I had to laugh at myself that my Canon AND my camera phone batteries both died at the same time!!

Then when we got home, another poopie diaper change was needed!

We laid down for a nap, but I fell asleep and Homer didn’t. “Wake up, Mommy!!” Oh well. Time for some sweet snuggles on the couch. Maybe now he’ll fall asleep on me and nap…

Nope. Instead, yet ANOTHER poopie diaper change! And Homer, apparently saying, “Enough with the mom-parazzi already!”

I granted his request to play Skylanders…

And I tackled the kitchen. Jeez god, how does it even get like this?!?! (I’ll tell you: by everyone getting sick over the weekend, that’s how!)

And then it looked like this. Ahhhh…

Time to go get Daddy from work! Aw crap. Look who finally fell asleep…

Watching the rain while waiting… So peaceful.

It’s JOE!!!

(There’d be more pics of him from this point forward if he didn’t insist on taking his pants off the minute he walks in the door!)

We got home, and I put Homer down, thinking he must be down for the night. We ate dinner and caught up on our TiVo shows, like SNL:

He woke up groggy, and still wanting to nurse…


So I took him back to bed, and Joe came with me, all of us in the peaceful dark together. Then, after Homer and Joe both napped, Homer sat up wide awake and said, “Hi! What should we do today? Let’s go to the livingroom!” Oy. He was also hungry and hadn’t had dinner yet, so we went ahead and got up and ate.


Watching a little bit of my guilty pleasure, Teen Mom 2. Why do I watch this??

So cute, but omg. Still awake.

He often watches for just a couple minutes then gets bored by whatever we’re watching and then he comes over and nurses and falls asleep. But not tonight! So we called it a night, and went to bed. We brought him into our room so that I could go ahead and wear my CPAP and fall asleep while we nurse. (When I put him down in his room, I have to stay awake because it’s not good for me to fall asleep without my CPAP machine, because of my sleep apnea.)

When I put him on the counter to brush his teeth, he procrastinated by wanting to play with my makeup!

One final diaper change…

And, goodnight!!

= = = = =

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11 thoughts on “A Day in the Life – March 4, 2014”

  1. There’s not many things I love more than a before and after picture of cleaning—such an accomplishment and documented, no less!!! I’m so jealous of our green grass, we still have snow EVERYWHERE! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks! 🙂 And yes, it’s been highs in the 50s recently, getting toward Spring. All seasons are fairly mild up here in the Pacific Northwest, though, really. And green, for sure, because of all the rain. It’s raining right now! 😉 lol Thanks for stopping by and looking and commenting, too! 😀

  2. What’d you think of Beck’s performance on SNL? Not trying to be an ass if you liked it, but god I was SO BORED. Beck’s lyrics were always a little so-unique-it’s-pretentious, but I did like him back in High School. But now it’s like it was the same level of pretension, but there wasn’t even a fun beat. XD

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