Project 365 – Week 5

Day 31 ~ Here’s one of me & Tails. This week’s theme was Self. So here’s one self portrait, to start off with.

Day 31 (again; bonus shot!) ~ This is from a snow party, which was so much fun. Snow themed snacks, fake snowball fights, just lots of fun with our friends.

Day 32 ~ Here’s Homer and his Princess Peach doll. He loves her. We were watching some streaming Mario video games on tv, too. This is how we spend some of our lazy mornings, sometimes. I love his sweet smile, and love that he loves his dolls so much. Bowser, Mario and Luigi are all well loved too.

Day 33 ~ Woohoo, Seahawks won the Super Bowl!! It was fun seeing them win it. And the excitement definitely seemed to sweep through the city as well.

Day 34 ~ Another shot for the Self theme. This is me with my CPAP mask on, so this is how I look each night when I’m sleeping (except that I usually have my eyes closed! 😉 ). Homer looked so cute still asleep when I woke up, so I wanted to get us both in. It was at a weird angle, in a way, but it turned out interesting, I think! I like it. 🙂

Day 35 ~ I took another painting class, and this is my friend, Katie! Katie is great, because we’ll all be trying to follow each little step of the class, trying to get it all “right,” and Katie just lets go and paints with her hands and very different and interesting things come up for her! If you can’t already tell from this picture, she’s a lot of fun.

Bonus photo, here’s the painting I painted! ~

Day 36 ~ Here’s my “I almost forgot to take a picture for today, so here is a late night pic of my cat, Tails” photo!

Day 37 ~ This is a practice shot for seeing what the mantle looks like for upcoming birthday photos. I plan to have a lot of decorations here and wanted to see how much of the area I could capture. And Homer just looks so cute sitting there, so thought it’d be a good one to share. That, and I’ve been really busy, so didn’t take more than this today!

But a few days earlier I took this cool icicle pic:

Thanks for looking!! Hope you all had a great week. Thanks for sharing a peek into mine. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 5”

  1. Wow! I love your tree painting! ❤ You're pretty boss at painting! ❤ ❤

    Honestly, I'd love to go to some of those painting classes. I love being around other people while I create. Sometimes I go to one of my neighbor's houses while I work and I always have way more fun than when I do it alone.

    1. Thank you!!!! I agree, I like creating with other people too. Even silently writing next to other people silently writing makes me feel good. I do okay on my own too, but I have fun in groups.

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