Project 365 – Week 4

The first month of this project is already at a close, and somehow, mysteriously, we are already entering February. January both feels like it flew by, AND like it makes sense that 31 days have gone by. Time is weird like that.

The ladies who put together this particular 365 group (Stephanie, Mindi, and Sarah) came up with a list of weekly themes, which is awesome. It’s perfect for slower weeks, or days we need a bit more inspiration, or just for the fun of it. I decided to join in on this week’s theme, which was… time. Perfect!

Day 24 ~ For time, I took the picture on the right, with the intention of pairing it with the pic on the left, taken in December 2011. My little guy wasn’t even a year old yet in the first pic, and now he’s turning 3 years old next week. My mind is blown…

Also from the 24th, a more traditional/literal interpretation of time. My sis-in-law’s and brother’s clock:

Day 25 ~ A slow, lazy Saturday. Little guy was sick, so we played some Snail Bob together.

Day 26 ~ I took an art class with my friends! Sarah invited a bunch of us to a place called Canvas Sip and Paint Studio. We followed the steps the instructor gave, and at the end of our session, I’d painted this! (I’ll have to write a full entry on the experience soon!)

Day 27 ~ By Monday morning, Homer’s cold had found its way to my poor sinuses, ugh… This was my big accomplishment for the day, and pretty much the only thing I did all day.

Day 28 ~ Tails loves getting up above the cupboards. He looks so funny up there!

Day 29 ~ Today we were all starting to feel a bit better. Time to splash in the puddles the rain brought! (He had to splash in tiny puddles, since he wasn’t wearing the best shoes for hopping in the bigger puddles! Note: He calls all puddles “mud puddles,” regardless of the presence or absence of any mud whatsoever!)

Day 30 ~ Baking cookies with a toddler! Yet another experience that deserves its own entry. Now that my face doesn’t feel like it’s made of lead anymore, I will hopefully get some more writing done soon and tell you all about it! I couldn’t choose which one to post, so here they are:



Thanks for looking! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 4”

  1. I’m so jealous of that painting class you went to. I’d love to do that! It’s on my wishlist for when I move back to Washington… and I hope that’s soon because augh. I’m dying out here : ) I love your little heart tree. My pentacle necklace includes a tree with hearts hidden on the leaves and it reminds me of your painting.

    1. Your necklace sounds really pretty! And I am excited these painting studios are popping up all over the place, because they are super fun. You’ll love it when you get back to Washington for sure! Any idea when you’ll be back?

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