Project 365 – Week 3

Day 17 – Marcus came over to play! Homer likes his little buddy.

Day 18 – We went over to Seattle Center today to meet up with some friends. This is Everett! We asked if they wanted to hug for the picture, and Homer wrapped his arms around Ev, while Everett looked slightly dubious in some of the shots I got. This one turned out really cute though! They are so funny together!

Day 19 – This is the catch that won the game! Seahawks are going to the Superbowl!

Day 20 – We spent this beautiful sunny day outside!! We walked around with friends, played at the playground, and watched the ducks. So much fun! I’ve loved mallards since I was a kid. They can be such pests sometimes in zoos, when they come in and bother the actual zoo collection birds, as my friend and I were discussing that day. Still, I can’t help loving their pretty green heads. My dad had a painting (or photograph? I can’t remember) of mallards above the fireplace for much of my childhood, so they became my favorite ducks for a long time.

Day 21 – Spoiled by yesterday’s sunny weather, we showed up at the park this morning and this is what we saw. Completely empty! Cool shot of the fog, though, before Homer declared, “I’m coooold,” and we decided to play indoors today at the mall!

Day 22 – Homer loves it when we brush teeth this way! He gets so excited talking about how many of him there are, and then he usually holds his toys up so they can see how many of them there are, too! It’s really cute!

Day 23 – Cat sitting for my brother and sis-in-law. This is Osiris. He is a sweetheart.

And as a bonus, here’s cuddly Fubu, too!

Thanks for looking!!

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30 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 3”

    1. I’ve only lived in the Seattle area for just under a year and am not a huge sports fan in general, so I don’t *really* care all that much. But it’s kind of exciting to see the excitement of the city, and it’s cool to have a team for the city I live in, and have it be doing well. Coming from L.A., where I spent the last 14 years, which is football team-less, it’s a fun experience. We’ll see what happens! 😉 Either way, should be a good game!

    1. Hehe, no, but I’m not sure where the kitties names did come from. One, if not both, of them had their name already when they got them. 🙂

      Aw, that’s weird a few didn’t show up. Well thank you, I’m glad you like the ones you saw! 😀

  1. Look at how good he is at brushing his teeth! Flora is such a little dirt bucket. She fusses through teeth brushing and I still have to do it for her after she does it herself to make sure she does it right. She cries about having to take a shower too. It’s always a production. If she had her way she would have hair made of mud and clothes made out of crushed crackers and food dribbles. x…x

    1. Oh gosh, don’t be fooled. Most nights are a struggle. Recently, we’ve come up with some different games for brushing teeth. Lately, it has worked that Bowser Jr. doll brushes his teeth. Last week it was kind of working to tell him to sing opera. And two nights ago, I had a long conversation in which I finally asked him if I could brush one tooth and he said yes, and i asked him to choose the tooth, and we did that a few times before he let me get in there and brush the rest. He complains the bristles tickle too much. sometimes he’ll brush his own teeth, like he did when i took the picture!! That’s always nice, but it’s kind of rare. And he doesn’t know how to do a good job yet, so i always take a turn, too, and get the spots he missed.

      And omg showers… Homer always cries and complains, it takes a lot of convincing. And he FREAKS OUT when I wash his hair. Hysterical crying and screaming as I rinse out the shampoo, even with a special hat to keep it out of his face. It’s not stinging his eyes either, as I first worried. He just hates the sensation of it running down his cheeks. I don’t really get it, but in a way I do, because i remember it bothering me when I was a kid, too, and I wore those special hats for YEARS, which is how I thought to buy one. I was like, okay, this is what I liked as a kid, so hopefully it’ll help? It has a little, but yeah. It’s a whole thing. I’m glad my kid isn’t the only one!!

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