Project 365 – Week 42

Halloween Hijinx are in full swing around here these days, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s one of my favorite times of year, because I love seeing all the kids in costume, and the multiple opportunities to wear costumes!! Play dates to photo days, trick or treating, parties, etc. It’s just so much fun!!

It also really, really feels like Fall, with so many trees turning vibrant oranges and reds, and the weather cooling more and more. Last night I could even see my breath as I walked Ashton around outside.

All in all, we had a really fun week, and here are the photos!

Day 290 | Oct 17, Fri – Halloween play date at our friend, Cathy’s house! Homer was so cute inspecting the skeleton rising from the front lawn!

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Project 365 – Week 39

Day 269 | Sept 26, Fri – Today, Homer and I took Marcus to the zoo!! Upsides: Silliness, Toddler Shake Rattle N’ Roll (which I’d never seen before and knew nothing about – what a fun surprise!)! Downsides: Children running in opposite directions (so happy we were hanging out with my friend, Laura, who was a big help keeping an extra set of eyes on the kiddos!), and having my wallet stolen. :( Boo! Overall, though, we had a great time! And look how cute Marcus is with his little rattle, taking a brief break from rockin’ out!

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